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Lay is the sixth member that SM Entertainment introduced to the public on January 17, 2012. His real name is Zhang Yixing, born October 7, 1991 in Hunan, China. In the EXO group, Lay is a rapper, singer and dancer. He is also part of the EXO-M sub-unit, which concentrates its campaigns in China. Before joining SM Entertainment, Lay was a local star in China, even winning 3rd place in the China Star Academy talent show in 2005. Before his debut, Lay also participated as Jonghyun SHINee's replacement dancer on their concert tour.

Lay is a member who is busy with his own schedule, and SMEnt has even set up a private agency to organize Lay's solo activities in China. One of Lay's hit songs is "Lit", which has been viewed 24 million times. He often becomes a regular on Chinese reality shows, making him even more recognizable. Not only that, but an autobiographical book was published about him called Standing Firm at 24, and within 24 minutes it had sold 68,375 copies! Wow, that's amazing!

In 2015, Lay expanded his acting career by starring in the Chinese comedy and romantic film, Ex-Files 2: The Backup Strikes Back, which was a box office success, grossing 2 billion within 10 days of its release! Like Luhan and Tao, Lay was also asked to mentor on a survival show called Idol Producer alongside Jackson GOT7, Kyulkyung ex PRISTIN and Cheng Xiao WJSN.

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EXO is a music group consisting of three sub-entities: "EXO-K" promoting in Korea, "EXO-M" promoting in China (Mandarin), and "EXO-L" promoting the love of the above two worldwide. EXO-L is the global official fan club, an abbreviation for EXO-LOVE. In alphabetical order, L is between K and M. EXO-L is all EXO fans who support EXO between EXO-K and EXO-M, and EXO-L also means the fan club slogan 'WE ARE ONE'. EXO and fan are ONE.

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