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Lisa Manoban, also known by her stage name Lisa, is a multi-talented artist who is a member of the South Korean girl group Blackpink. Born on March 27, 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand, Lisa was scouted by YG Entertainment when she was just 14 years old. She trained for several years in South Korea before finally debuting with Blackpink in 2016.

As a member of Blackpink, Lisa has gained a large following due to her impressive dance skills, charismatic stage presence, and strong vocals. She is one of the lead dancers in the group and has been praised for her powerful and confident performances. In addition to her skills as a performer, Lisa is also known for her beauty and fashion sense, making her a popular figure among fans.

Aside from her work with Blackpink, Lisa is also active as an actress and model in South Korea. She has made several appearances on variety shows and has been featured in several commercials and photoshoots. Her popularity has also made her a sought-after brand ambassador, with many companies eager to work with her.

Lisa has a large and dedicated fanbase, known as "Lilifers." Her fans appreciate her impressive dance skills, confident stage presence, and unique fashion sense. They are also drawn to her playful and charismatic personality, which is often displayed on variety shows and in interviews.

In addition to supporting her work with Blackpink, many fans also follow Lisa's individual activities, such as her modeling and acting work. They are known for creating fan art, writing fan fiction, and sharing their love for her on social media.

Overall, Lisa's fans play an important role in her success and popularity, and they continue to support her in all of her endeavors.



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